The Travelling Observatory is here to bring the Stars and Planets, our Solar System and the mysteries of space, to everyone – young and old – fascinated by the wonders of our Night Sky.

The Travelling Observatory will visit the place designated by you with a selection of telescopes, trained staff and a fascinating range of material and information about Astronomy.

The Travelling Observatory Event – which will be tailored exactly to suit your needs – can be designed for schools or parties of children at any age, Commercial Events or Sales Conferences, Family/Friends’ Get-Togethers, Weddings, Fairs, Carnivals, Festivals, Club or Society Meetings – or any occasion where a very special ingredient is wanted to provide an unusual and exciting lift. It can take place during the day or (preferably) after nightfall.

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Alternatively you can come to one of our Open Nights in East Sussex, or come along to one of the festivals The Travelling Observatory will be visiting this summer!

For more information on any of the above events phone The Travelling Obervatory on 07462 974797 or

The Travelling observatory is staffed by intelligent and enthusiastic Astronomers who know that an evening that will suit a group of 10-year olds and their parents will not suit a group of Marketing Executives enjoying a luxury stay at a good hotel or a group of young people celebrating a 21st, or a group of Pensioners looking towards an interesting evening.

To date we have entertained people varying from schoolchildren with an eye to their Curriculum, to Pensioners, from Enthusiastic Amateurs to Complete Beginners, from Sophisticated Advertising Executives to Festival and Pub-Goers.

Contact us and we will discuss the possibilities with you and hopefully create exactly the Event that suits you.